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I just learned about an artistic enterprise that I think is incredibly neat. An artist and graphic designer named Hillel Smith is creating parsha posters each week. Each Thursday he releases a poster inspired by that week's Torah portion, featuring interesting and innovative Hebrew typography. (Look closely at each poster and you'll see the name of that week's parsha woven into the image in a thematically-appropriate way.) 

Here are thumbnail images of a few that particularly tickle me:

    Tumblr_o6po8zaQW91r05ribo1_500  Tumblr_o4ln7etcfj1r05ribo1_500  Tumblr_nyepe7ozn41r05ribo2_r1_500

(To see them full-size, you can go to his archive of parsha poster entries. They're also available as prints, and I'm planning to buy a few, perhaps once I've moved into my new place.)

Hillel releases each poster online accompanied by an excerpt from someone's Torah commentary -- and in the case of this week's poster, it's accompanied by one of my poems. (That's how I found out about them. Needless to say, I have now subscribed to his weekly emails, and to his Omer image emails, too.) You can see this week's parsha poster, accompanied by one of my parsha poems, here: Kedoshim | Parsha Posters.

And of course, if you like the parsha posters and don't yet have a copy of 70 faces: Torah poems (Phoenicia Publishing 2011), you might enjoy that too.