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When I remember you
my fingertips tingle.

I'm a lilac, petals
prickling to spring free.

Yearning tangles my tongue.
My words become fragrance.

My heart overflows
like a wadi after a storm.

The thought of you
nourishes me, dizzies me.

Breathe into me
and I bloom.



I know I just posted one of the poems in my Texts to the Holy series, and I don't usually share two in rapid succession, but I wanted to share this one while the lilacs in my backyard are still in flower.  

My words become fragrance. In Jewish mystical tradition fragrance often evokes Shechinah, the immanent, indwelling, feminine divine Presence.

The thought of you / nourishes me, dizzies me. See Song of Songs 1:2, טוֹבִים דֹּדֶיךָ מִיָּיִן -- "your love is better than wine."

Breathe into me. See Elohai Neshama (or my variation thereupon in Open My Lips.)