The spiritual call to empty one's cup
Yearning and revelation

Morning blessing


When I have the luxury
of unhurried minutes with you

hands wrapped around
my morning mug of coffee

(flowing with milk and honey
because you are with me)

the sky becomes clearer, my heart
lighter, the road before me

streaked with joy
sings me a new song.


Flowing with milk and honey. Torah describes the land of promise in these words.

[B]ecause you are with me. This echoes Psalm 23, verse 4, "For You are with me."

[S]ings me a new song. Psalm 96 instructs us to sing unto God a new song, but this poem imagines all of creation singing a new song to me -- or perhaps singing it together with me, because after deep connection, my heart cannot help but sing.

This is another in my ongoing Texts to the Holy series.