The day before
#blogElul 2: Act

#blogElul 1: Prepare

BlogElul 2016
Already I'm scrambling
with print-outs and post-its.
My mind ties itself in knots.

That's no way to greet you.
I want to be calm,
my heart still as a glassy pond.

I want my voice to be clear
as a bell, clear as yours.
Instead I'm frazzled, fragile.

My to-do list is as long
as a Torah scroll, but
the only item that matters

is letting go of the fantasy
that if I only try harder
I can be perfect for you.

Remind me that you love me
always and already
exactly as I am.



I'm participating again this year in #blogElul, an internet-wide carnival of themed posts aimed at waking the heart and soul before the Days of Awe. (Organized by Ima Bima.) Read #blogElul posts via the Elul tag; you might also enjoy my collection of Elul poems which arose out of #blogElul a few years ago, now available in print and e-book form as See Me: Elul poems.